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The steps of Applying for the Bachelor Degree Programs:


a. Applicants should send the degree certificates and relevant materials to International Students Office. After being initially checked, the qualified ones will be given the application form and are required to fill it up.


b. Send your application form, Notice of Application, duplicate of the visa, application fee (420), exam fee (250) and other related materials for application to International Students Office by the deadline.

c. The deadline for application every year is at the end of May, and the date for exam is in the middle of June. International Students Office will inform applicants of the exact date.


d. Each college is responsible for designing the test paper, invigilating, and grading the papers for their own students respectively;


e. Each college reports the result of the exam and the application materials to International Students Office


g. After verification by the office of International Students Office, the Application form for visa in China (JW202), Notice of admission, and form of physical check will be given to the qualified students.


h. With JW202 and Notice of admission, you can apply for the study visa in China (X Visa) from the embassy or the consulate of China. (Notice: Don't forget to bring JW202 form back to the Office of Overseas Students Affairs in the university for your profile after going through all the procedures in the embassy or the consulate.)


 i. With JW202 form, Notice of Admission, and form of physical check to the related college to check in, register, and pay the tuition fee according to the date on the Notice of Admission. If for any special reason, students can't do the registration within the claimed date, please contact the International Students Office in advance. The student can delay his registration if getting permission.


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